Q: 69 (NDA-II/2010)

Consider the following passage and identify the form of dance theatre referred thereto using the code given below. This is a uniquely traditional form of dance theatre of India with a formidable classical background. The main essence of this form of dance drama is its attachment with religion, which provides the most common theme for its plays. The performance begins with a prayer offering to the Lord Ganesha, which is followed by a comedy act, accompanied by the background music of the Chenda and the Maddale, and a tala (cyrmbals) played by a team of three. The narrator, who is also a part of the team is called Bhagavata, and is the producer, the director, and the head of the ceremony. His primary task involves the narration of the story through songs, introduction of the characters, and occasionally conversing with them. Another unique feature of it is the totally unrehearsed and unwritten use of dialogues, which makes it so special. Code

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