Q: 35 (SCRA/2010)

Directions: The next 3 items are based on the following passage “We believe in democracy. Speaking for myself, I believe in it, first of all because I think it is the right means to achieve ends and because it is a peaceful method. Secondly, because it removes the pressures which other forms of government may impose on the individual. It transforms the discipline which is imposed by authority largely to self-discipline. Self-discipline means that even people who do not agree, the minority, accept solutions because it is better to accept them and then change them, if necessary, by peaceful methods, therefore, democracy means to me an attempt at the solution of problems by peaceful methods. If it is not peaceful then to my mind, it is not democracy. If I may further elaborate the second reason, democracy gives the individual an opportunity to develop. Such opportunity does not mean anarchy, where every individual does what he likes. A social organization must have some discipline to hold it together. This can either be imposed afrom outside or be in the nature of self-discipline. Imposition from outside may take the form of one country governing another or of an autocratic or authoritarian form of government. In a proper democracy, discipline is self-imposed. There is no democracy if there is no discipline.”
According to the author, which of the following is not a basic requisite for democracy?

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