Q: 7 (SCRA/2010)

Directions: The next 3 items are based on the passage given below. A balanced diet offers a combination of major nutrients along with vitamins, minerals and water. There are five food groups namely grain; fruits; vegetables; egg, fish and meat; and milk products which adequately provide all the necessary nutrients. Our body requires 45-50 types of molecules that are called essential nutrients. These nutrients undergo into series of chemical changes involving building up and breaking down of substances for the use of body. This process is called as metabolism. The process of building complex molecules out of simple ones absorbed from the intestine is called anabolism. The breaking down of chemical compounds into simple ones accompanied by energy liberation is / called catabolism. Excessive anabolism results into weight gain and excessive catabolism) results into loss of weight. Carbohydrates, ^uch as cereals, are essential for tissue building and accelerating fat use for energy. Excessive intake however causes obesity. Fat nutrients from milk, milk products, oil, etc., help- the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins and help in the growth of adipose tissue that protects the vital organs. Protein sources like cereals, lentils, meat, fish and egg are important to perform variety of functional and regulatory/roles. .Many of these serve • as essential amind adds required for enzymes, hormones and haemoglobin. Deficiency of protein at art early stage results into physical and mental retaikness.
Tissue development and bone health depend on proportionate intake of

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