Q: 23 (NDA-II/2010)

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Directions : The next three (03) items are based on the passage given below The myth is that the Indian National Congress was started by A.O. Hume and others under the official direction, guidance and advice of no less a person than Lord Dufferin, the Viceroy, to provide a safe, mild, peaceful and constitutional outlet of safety-valve for the rising discontent among the masses, which was inevitably leading towards a popular and violent revolution. Consequently, the revolutionary potential was nipped in the bud. Most writers accept the core of the myth, that a violent revolution was on the cards at the time and was avoided only by the foundations of the congress, All of them agree that the manner of its birth affected the basic character and future work of the congress in a crucial manner.
The colonial rulers, according to the safety valve thesis, were trying to use congress as