Q: 16 (NDA-II/2012)

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Suppose, the naxalites have kidnapped a Deputy Commissioner from Baster region in Chattisgarh and taken him to the Abujmad area. In return for his release, the Nexals demand that all naxal prisoners must be released from jails across India. In such a situation, which among the following may be the best conflict resolution mechanism?
1. The paramilitary and local police attack the naxalites and attempt to release the kidnapped.
2. The state force offer huge sums of money to the naxals as ransom and release all naxal prisoners.
3. The state forces engaged the naxals in a dialogue while simultaneously sending in a commando force to release the prisoners.
4. The state forces utlize local mediators to engage wiith the naxals to workout a resolution process for release of the kidnapped.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below: