Q: 3 (SCRA/2013)

Since the year 2000. India’s democracy is becoming more representative and perhaps more accountable to us people.
Which of the following facts about India’s electoral system substantiate this statement ?
1. The voter turn-out in the national elections has remained around 60% and the poorest l/4th of Indian Population have registered a higher voter nim-out compared to die richest 1 /4th.
2. The Indian electorate has grown from 67J million people in the year 2004 to 714 million in the year 2009,
3. In the electoral verdict of 2009 for the first time in 25 years a coalition of parties that had completed its full term had come back to power at the centre,
4. The Right to Education, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and the Right to Information have all been passed in the last decade.
Select the correct answer using the code given below :

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